Boğaziçi Proficiency Writing Konuları – BUEPT Essay Topics

Boğaziçi Proficiency yani BUEPT sınavına hazırlanan öğrenciler için BUEPT writing bölümünde çıkan essay türleri ile ilgili sınav formatına uygun essay konularını derledik. Bunlar normalde BuProf Essay Kontrol hizmetimizden yararlanan öğrencilerle paylaştığımız konular ama sınavın yaklaştığı şu günlerde konu sıkıntısı çeken herkese yardımcı olacağına inandığımız için paylaşıyoruz. Şimdiden başarılar dileriz.

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Boğaziçi BUEPT Argumentative Essay Konuları

Is college education the key to a successful life? Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


  • College education is a good investment in one’s future
  • It provides better career opportunities and occupational facilities
  • It offers higher income compared to uneducated people


  • There are also other important points such as talent, ambition and enthusiasm
  • People who didn’t get a college education may have business mindset
  • Success doesn’t merely mean being academically successful

Do you think that smartphones are killing communication?


  • Smartphones make people isolated from the society
  • Application notifications disrupt people and make them attached to their phones.
  • Smartphones make people addicted to the social media and create an artificial  world


  • Smartphones offer various communication opportunities
  • They enable people to keep in touch with people from distant places

Boğaziçi BUEPT Advantage & Disadvantage Essay Konuları

  • What do you think about group work? Is it beneficial or not?


  • Group work helps to raise the complete output, so it increases efficiency
  • Group work makes members plan more effectively and manage their timing together
  • It enables information exchange


  • Decision making takes more time
  • It may prevent people from thinking independently which may lead to loss of creativity
  • Group work can cause intrinsic conflicts among the members.

Is joining a social club during university years advantageous or not?


  • Joining a social club offers people to meet with new people.
  • It makes people feel relaxed and increases their motivation.
  • It may bring people in new hobbies and new skills.
  • Members can benefit from many things provided only to them.


  • Social clubs sometimes force people to compete with other members or other groups.
  • In general, club budget is supplied by club members.
  • Clubs require its members to be active and engaging which may be tiring.

Boğaziçi BUEPT Cause & Effect Essay Konuları

Procrastination refers to the action of delaying or postponing something. What are the causes/effects of procrastination in student’s lives?


  • Peer influence
  • Feeling insecure about their ability to perform.
  • A perception that a task is unpleasant or overwhelming.


  • Drop in grades and a decline in school success
  • Heightened stress
  • Putting off work may lower students’ self-esteem

What are the effects of owning a pet on one’s health?


  • Owning a pet encourages physical activity and being outdoors.
  • It relieves stress and relaxes people.
  • It promotes social interaction.
  • It makes children develop stronger immune systems.

Boğaziçi BUEPT Problem-Solution Essay Konuları

Many people think that speaking in a foreign language is quite challenging. How can we improve our speaking skill in a foreign language?

  • We shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes and we should be confident.
  • We should practice regularly.
  • We shouldn’t focus on just accuracy; we should also focus on fluency.
  • We should also learn to “listen” in a foreign language.
  • Rather than thinking in our native language and trying to translate it, we should think in the foreign language.

In the last  decades, there has been an increase in the number of endangered species around the world. What can be done to save endangered species?

  • We should learn about endangered species around  us.
  • We should inform  the public about endangered species.
  • We should reduce water consumption and use of gases leading to global warming.
  • We should recycle and use sustainable products.
  • We should abstain from using herbicides and pesticides that are hazardous pollutants affecting wildlife.

Boğaziçi BUEPT Compare & Contrast Essay Konuları

Please compare or contrast Private and Public Universities in terms of their;

  • Costs
  • Opportunities/ Facilities
  • Quality of Education
  • Student profiles

Compare or contrast summer holidays and winter holidays regarding;

  • Which places are suitable for those types of holidays?
  • What kind of activities can be done?
  • What do people need when they go to a summer/winter holiday?

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